! Gathered !

! Gathered !

Stop me if you’ve heard these rambles before …

Walking Back

oooooh, Walking


Nature and Signs and Stuff

’cause errrr, I suppose you have


but I’ve been walking again.ย WALKING,ย walking with my own little self, music singing in my ears, on a trail I adore

& ahhhh.

oh and just where in the world is Husband ?? you wonder

Step by Step

Noooooo worries ! He’s found his exercise groove at our local community center. I drop him off. He does his thing. I do mine. I pick him up. ta-da. He’s happy. I’m happy. Life is really, REALLY swell.

What’s my point ??

The picnic tables have gathered !! The playground is alive with giggles !! Music and movement and sincere GOOD MORNINGS !! are enthusiastically shared and my favorite place on this planet is feeling normal

& although I’ve been known to prefer solitude every once in awhile …

In The Park

Ain’t Nothin’

Covid-19 has most definitely opened my eyeballs and I do believe I prefer a crowd !!


So please forgive me as I gush,

thank science for it’s awesomeness and share the pure, simple joy of !! together outside !!

& ! ! YaY ! !

The picnic tables have gathered.






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