I graduated from high school in 1977
and I realize, this ages me instantly, but DANG those really, truly were the days.
They really were.

Young and naive, transistor radio in hand,

patiently waiting for the dj to play and replay our favorite song, we’d walk or ride that bike to anywhere and everywhere we needed to be,
to the local park, or downtown, to a friend’s house, round and round and back again …
No 24 hour BREAKING NEWS, nope, if you wanted to know what was going on in the world, the evening is where you’d find it, with a newspaper delivered to the doorstep
or the dressed in his Sunday best guy on tv.

Simple, it was.
Happy we were.

& why am I mentioning this today ??
Because someone who knows these things better than I, has informed of a delightful happening

& if you’ve never quieted your vibe long enough to place that beauty on a turntable, listen to Side 1 then flip over to enjoy Side 2 ?
I highly suggest, soon
’cause there is seriously nothing in this world quite like those feels.

It’s a well known fact, my records consisted mostly within the soft-rock category,
and with Barry Manilow, I’d spend my time.
Needless to say, not everyone in that household of ours agreed with my preference,

with certain someones expressing their dislike more than others,
Bro 1 being louder and ever so consistent
& Bro 2, tolerating a tad more, but eh … whatever.

Imagine my surprise when Bro 2 declared, he’d be adding an album cover wall to his already impressively cool downstairs,
one classic, per sibling,
best describing our personality, our aura, our …

Long story short,
I have no words, but quite a few exclamation points
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
to describe the happiness this brings me.
! ! Hey, Barry ! !
we made the cut
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Enjoy your today, Caretakers of the Vinyl

with BIG appreciation for the awesome trek down memory lane.

& YeP, Bro.
We were young, we were naive, but DANG,
those days in the ’70s really did rule all.


Simple Things