My Books!

My Books!

I Am My Feelings


As the title suggests, ‘I Am My Feelings’ deals with emotions. Seven short, delightful stories combined into one    book. Each unique character explains it’s special emotion and communicates directly to the reader.
Smile is on an adventure hoping to fill the world with smiles.
Teardrop is sad and explains what to do with this overwhelming feeling.
Nicey talks about being kind to others.
Shy lets the reader know it is ok to be quiet and unassuming.
Bubbles deals with being nervous and scared.
Love ‘runs away’ thinking no one will notice but, is missed my all.
& Collin and the Big Bald Tree is about being different.
Although ‘I Am My Feelings’ is geared towards children, adults will find the stories fun and helpful too.







My story is about a character named Smile who is on an adventure to change the world by passing out smiles. It is very interactive, asking for the reader’s help and suggestions, etc. as they move along.








A sad, little character named Teardrop talks directly to the reader about this sometimes overwhelming emotion. As the story moves along, Teardrop realizes that talking, drawing pictures and/or writing about sadness is the answer and with the reader’s help, Teardrop is happy once again.