because :) happy

because :) happy

Pulled from the 2017 archives because happy, I’d rather be.



I once knew a woman who spent a good portion of her days, livid.
Every time I saw her, she would be in a tizzy about something or another.
Oooooh,  I’m so livid …!  she would huff
& then she’d rattle on about what got her worked up and why she was so perturbed.

I’d always giggle after talking to her
& our daily conversations became more, what’s she mad about today ? than actually listening to her concerns.

I googled the word.
It means furiously angry, enraged.


& hmmm …
let’s see.
I’ve been miffed,
Ticked off …?
& every version of HUMPH.


But, livid …?

I’ve often wondered if my livid loving friend just liked saying livid.
I think she did.
But along with the word came the emotion, she was stewing and brewing almost all of the time.

I never asked why in the world she was so angry about everything.
I guess I was too intimidated to inquire.
But somewhere down the line, I came to the conclusion there are just some people in this world who enjoy negative, they thrive on it.
Being and seeing dismal is just who they are & who they’ve become


I don’t speak with my livid friend anymore, I haven’t seen her in years, but I sometimes wonder if she’s still irate.
I hope not.

Furiously angry.

You know what the opposite of livid is… ?
I can tell you because I googled.



Sounds like a lovely place to spend my days
because happy,
I’d rather be.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So