oooooh, Walking

oooooh, Walking

Although my National Day informer offers a variety of wonderful-s to celebrate …

It was Walking Day that jumped up and out and caught my eye

& oooooh, walking. Who knew I could love this unassuming form of movement as much as I do … ?!? And I do. I sooooo do !!

With no offense to gyms or running or cycling or yoga or groups or gatherings of exercisers, for me ?? walking is everything. Alone with my music and thoughts, I’m centered and focused on what truly matters. And people are so darn friendly on a walking path, as if we’ve all quietly discovered this key to happiness and just can’t help but bust out the joy. Encourage-rs thrive there too. I’ve seen their beautiful souls shine every time Husband joins me. Slow and steadily stronger, he relishes in the LOOK AT YOU !! YOU’RE BACK !! loveliness of caring humans.


oooooh, walking

Step by step by determined step, walking has carried me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, from brokenness to a healed heart, from I can’t, I can’t, I sooooo can’t to Oh Yes I Can and in a thousand delightful ways, walking has helped me discover me.

So ! ! YaY ! ! It’s National Walking Day !

& yep.

I believe I will.




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