Ain’t Nothin

Ain’t Nothin

I’ve had the place pretty much to myself all Winter long.
It’s been mine ! mine ! mine ! and I love it.
But Spring is now officially sprung so you know what that means.
People are back.
They’re backkkkkkkkk.
They are so back.

The park and my walking path are alive with activity once again.
Young, old and in between.
Bikes and roller blades.
Runners, walkers and dogs.
The place is bursting with happiness.
Which is good !
I adore a busy park.
I do.

It’s just that …

I’ve had the place pretty much to myself all Winter long
& I adore that too.
It’s going to take me awhile to adjust, that’s all.
I need to acclimate to this new and improved environment
& I will.
I. Will.

I will realize that, yes, there are other people in this world who prefer my uncluttered, uncrowded  counterclockwise route.
I am not the only one who chooses to go against the flow.
but, that’s ok !!
It really is ok, I truly don’t mind you being there
I can share
& I will pace my pace accordingly.
But can I ask just one little, teensy tiny favor of you please ?
Make up your mind.
Your indecision is killing me.
I pass.
You speed up.
I don’t pass.
We stroll like turtles.

You are breaking my stride, my friend
& no offense but, ain’t nothin gonna.

Oh and if you happen to be the one walking behind me and feel that I am moving a bit too slow ?
By all means, be my guest, zip on by !
Zip, zip, zipppppp on by
& just so you know …
I am a friendly person and I’d really love to get to know you but, if you’re going to zip …  please zip.
Walking next to me for a few thousand steps seems incredibly, awkwardly awkward.
So hurry on by, Zippy.
Hurry on by

& please pardon my snarky.
I mean no harm.
I love that you are back and we are sharing this beautiful walking trail.
I’m just not accustomed to you being there yet.
I promise I will adjust to you
& you shall adjust to me
& life will be pleasantly happy once again.


In the meantime though, remember.
It’s all about the stride, baby
& ain’t nothin gonna break mine …


I Am My Feelings