And So By The Way

And So By The Way

DANG, I love these words.

I’ve loved them from the first time I saw them as a teen. And although I’m not all that crazy about that last line, I embrace what Fritz Perls is expressing.

Take a gamble.
On people.
On life.
On love.

Say Hello to a stranger.
Strike up a conversation with that someone sitting next to you.
Rekindle long ago friendships.
Reach out.
Be Kind.

It’s worth opening up to see where new paths will go.
Because chances are, where they go will be pretty darn amazing

& since I’m on such an incredible, feel good roll,
& since That’s What Friends Are For has been dancing through my brainwaves for daaaaays
I need to take a moment to appreciate the someones in my life who understand
& at the risk of sounding overly mushy-mushy …

I love you all so much.
Everything you do, everything you say.
The songs, the silly texts, the random thinking about-s, the you goooooo-s
& every little everything in between.
You help me in ways you cannot possibly realize.
You seem to know, you read my mind.
You lift me up at the precise moment I need your unique style of encouragement.

I will never, ever have enough sentences to tell you how grateful I am for YOU and what you do for my heart, my mind, my soul.

and if by chance we find each other

I’m so happy we found each other.


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