! Group Hug !

! Group Hug !

Happy Anniversary ! ♥ ! is how I reminisce, this week, every March, ’cause yay  !! YaY US !! here we are !! together and still kickin’ !!


but I gotta tell you, I seriously cringe every time I read the first words of this creature called blog ’cause !! ouch!! They’re kinda awful. At that moment in time though ?? the motivator was to get my stories and poems out into the universe and what better way to draw attention to my words than by writing words …

Somewhere down the road (da da da da da da)

a diary of sorts, this became

and bolder,


and confident,
I now am.

Yep. Good days, bad days, oh yes I can, oh no I can’t, dreams, signs, trust, hope, trees, trees TREES !! clouds, mom, dad, family ♥ Barry ♥ positive vibes only, but I don’t wanna !! and a whole lotta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU, my friends, have definitely experienced it all. And I truly appreciate your patience as I’ve sorted things out, improved, and slow as a turtle took claim of this writer called me.
So stop everything you’re doing and let’s big, BIG !!!! GROUP HUG !!!!! as my gratitude kicks into overdrive.

Pure and simple … THANK YOU for believing. Without your love and encouragement, I’d be hiding under a blanket FOR SURE.. It’s YOU who pushed and prodded and helped me realize and it’s YOU I am eternally, infinitely, always and forever and ever and ever !! grateful
& keep doing, we will.


Happy Anniversary.

With You For You And You


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