Walking Back

Walking Back

54 days.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been and as I was tying my tennies and preparing, it felt a wee bit like the first time.  Me, the stranger venturing into that new land.  But as I pulled into the parking lot, grabbed my earbuds and took those first few steps, I knew I was home.

♥ HOME ♥

The sound of lawnmowers, the scent of fresh cut grass instantly enveloped my senses and reminded me of how very much I adore that summertime chore
& ahhhh, so began my walk back into my walking world.

Familiar faces, smiles

and just darn-right friendliness greeted me as Good Morning!  and Hi! and You’re back!  singsonged along with my music and my heart filled with happy as I thought  helloooooo to you too, Genuine.

As I made the slight turn to take me into my favorite quiet spot, I giggled as I past the No-No sign

and once again hoped no offense would be taken by those unruly snow mobs.
Strolled across the bridge, settled into a delightful rhythm of tunes and pace and wow


As if jumping up and around and here and there to be noticed, notice, NOTICE ME !! the beauty was absolutely everywhere. From the big to the teeniest of small, oooooh, yes. I noticed.
That purple-y, Jujubes type plant gets me every time

& I often wonder what part of my past makes me love them so …
& those tiny, only seen to those who are looking yellows guys ?

or this

or that

uh huh. I do appreciate our intimately detailed smallness, Universe. I do.

As I turned around at my forever turnaround point

and crossed back into reality via my ‘ol, rusty friend

I contemplated our history and realized how very much I need this walking path in my life for it has carried me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, from complete brokenness to a healed heart, from I can’t, I can’t, I sooooo can’t to  Oh Yes I Can This special place on this planet has helped me in a thousand different ways and I can honestly say, I found me, here.

So what’s my point, you so patiently ponder ?
I hope you find your Wicker Walk.
Wherever it is, whatever it is, it is out there waiting to bring peace to your soul, wanting to help you find those answers and if we could all simply try to touch the innermost sanctity of THAT and US ??




Back to the car, I wandered

invigorated and fulfilled
& to think only hours before I feared being that stranger venturing into a new land ??
Silly me, for I have truly found what I’ve been seeking all along
& yes, I am home.