Nature and Signs and Stuff

Nature and Signs and Stuff

Repeated with love and hope and a whole bunch of gleeeeeee as we celebrate HOME.



It’s beautiful.
It’s awesome.
I love it
I need to tell you about it.

I was walking my walk, listening to my tunes on a very empty trail a few days ago
& yes, life was quite delightful.

So I’m step, step, stepping
& I’m enjoying
and I see a deer, simply hanging around the park, doing his deer thing.
I think I surprised him.
He definitely surprised me.
But, he didn’t flee
& I became a statue.

It seemed as if time stopped with him staring at me, me staring at him.
We stood there, transfixed.
It was very surreal
and oh, how I wanted to take a picture of this majestic creature.
I didn’t dare.
No way was I going to spoil the moment.

We stayed in our frozen trance for a good minute or two.
He was the first to flinch.
I guess munching grass was more interesting than me
& so, I continued my trek.

It took me a few whiles to realize, but that unassuming critter gave me a very lovely sign.
Beautiful and wonderful and amazing can quietly, suddenly, unexpectedly appear.
Out of nowhere.
Today, tomorrow, the next day and next …
Just like that.
An unconditional gift, given.

Notice it.
Grasp it.
Treasure the moment while you can, because you can.

Because. You. Can.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! whew ! all this from a chance encounter with a deer.
Aren’t you glad I pay attention to nature and signs and stuff ?!?

oooooooh. yeah.


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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