! Because I’m FULLY !

! Because I’m FULLY !

As more and more people I know receive Vaccine #1, Vaccine #2, patiently wait their allotted 2 weeks and happily enter into the FULLY zone, I find myself texting and being texted a whole lotta gleeeeeeeee


so I feel it’s only fair to remind and gently alert the public of one fabulous fact !!

I’m a hugger

& I can’t help myself.
It just seems like the right thing to do in most situations.

Having a bad day ?

We just met ?
Doesn’t matter.

Sprinkle in the realization of Hey !! I haven’t seen you in a very long while and I’m absolutely overflowing with joy !?!!!

Yep !!  Yep !!

weeeeeee !!

Prepare yourselves, old friends and new !! For I am thisclose to a bubble over

and when, at last, we all are deemed

just know, I have many.










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