… ALL …

… ALL …

& just like ! that ! 2nd grade, here he comes.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Grandson giggled when I informed him 2nd was my !! very favorite school year with my very favorite teacher !!

REALLY ??!??

REALLY. (with a p.s. yes, Gramma Jacki actually CAN remember that far back)

I knew her only as Sister Carmel. Where she came from, how she ended up at my Catholic Elementary at that point in time, why she decided to become a teacher and a nun are my questions without answers. But I can see her comforting face and feel her sincere vibe TO THIS DAY because she took the time with my somewhat introverted 7-8 year old self to care.


& that type of genuineness sticks to these heartstrings like glue. ONE PERSON, sooooooo many years ago, who chose to make a difference. Imagine the glorious domino effect if each and every single one of us decided to become THAT person.


I promise, I’m trying and I will keep on trying until the day I leave this gift called Life. ‘Cause if I try and you try maybe she will and he will and they, them and we WILL

Thanks for the reminder of how perfectly lovely this journey can be if one simply tries, Sister Carmel. My hope, as Grandson enters 2nd Grade and beyond, is he will find and cherish many, MANY kind souls exactly like YOU.

& when someone asks his 60+ year old self who’s the very, very favorite ??!??  he will reply confidently and happily

… ALL …