Concrete Smiley Guy

Concrete Smiley Guy

I had to reach into the archives to find him, as I tried to remember exactly when we met.

Two Eyes & A Smile

Somewhere in my early walking days, confused and missing my mama, my music and I turned to our local park to  find


to find me

Yes, I Am

And, I did. I did.

This is what he looks like these days.

Weathered. Worn. Thisclose to invisible.

And part of me soooooo wants to take my orange sharpie and … !! … but the other half contentedly sighs each and every time our paths cross,  ’cause if you only knew how you’ve helped me, Concrete Smiley Guy,  oooooh, if you only knew.

Keep walking. Keep doing. Keep smiling. No matter what life happens to toss, is what you’ve gifted most. Some days, the storms will be relentless, some days, the sun will shine bright, but all days ! please ! stay focused on the ALL.

Focused Focus

I’m going to miss you if you fade away, my friend, but you’ve done your part, FOR. SURE. And amazing, it is, how a simple 🙂 can heal a soul.

You Matter