Yes, I Am

Yes, I Am


Took awhile to get here, took forever to own but, isn’t it fantastic that I can finally say those wonderful words out loud ??!??


considering that, as many of you know, this admitting to and actually being pleased with myself gig has not been an easy one.

Nope. No way.

Why ?

Because I let the doubters decide who I wanted to become, I allowed them to control my thoughts.

“You’re STILL writing ??” they would exasperatingly inquire and like a cornered, frightened critter, I’d make up excuses, babble incoherent words and hurriedly change the subject


& if I could, I would knock that part of me right upside the head !! I wasted sooooo many moments !! worrying what THEY would think or say. I let their reaction become more important than my inner voice.

Guess what ?

I don’t grant them entry anymore.


I have made a solid promise to ME to follow my heart and I am never looking back and I know you’ve heard me say this ten zillion times but, here’s one more, just in case.


Be proud.

Be happy

& always, Always, ALWAYS listen to that beautiful voice inside

for I’ve been whispered to, shouted at, pleaded with and gently coaxed by mine many, many a day !! until I heard, I acknowledged.

I am a writer.

Yes, oooooh yes, I am.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


I Am My Feelings