Two Eyes & A Smile

Two Eyes & A Smile

I noticed it a few years ago as I was walking my walk.
A simple, pleasant smiley face.
It’s the lone graffiti on a long concrete wall I pass to get to the quieter part of the trail
& there is nothing else.
No words, no fancy designs.
Just two eyes and a smile on a big, blank wall.

I don’t remember how I first spotted the concrete smiley guy.
I happened to look, he happened to be.
But now, I catch myself glancing his way every time I stride past.

I often wonder how he got there
& I assume a happy person was the artist, but why ?
Why only a smiley when the canvas was a huge, entire wall ?
Two eyes and a smile.
That’s it.

The Carers of the Park don’t seem to mind.
They haven’t painted him over
& I hope they never do.
At this point, I’d be bummed if his message was erased.

Two eyes and a smile.
That incredibly uncomplicated artwork makes my heart so happy.
Just because of it’s just because.

ahhhhh, simple, simple pleasures.
They really, truly, always, absolutely are the best.


I Am My Feelings