Focused Focus

Focused Focus

Isn’t it strange how routines and gottta-do and go, go, go and hurry ups take over a good portion of life ? How we get caught in that worker bee mode of being here and doing that and rushing back, forth, up, down and sideways until


something unexpected comes along, catches you off guard and completely shifts your norm and there you be, STOPPED in your very own tracks.


& isn’t it strange how one can spend a good dose of a summer acclimating to a new, slowed down version of impeccably timed meals, calculated medicine, clockwork train schedules, daytime bedtimes, waiting and watching and wondering why you’ve been catapulted into this warped universe where nothing seems to matter except the welfare of that body lying in the hospital bed and the must. stay. focused. mindset you’ve tunneled your vision upon.


I found myself rushing around yesterday. RUSHING as if I had a gazillion times-a-ticking, super duper important deadlines to attend to, getting overheated and frustrated at minuscule nothingness-es that hindered my process because, you know !! I HAVE TO GET ‘ER DONE !!

& uh, Self ?


Entire days were swallowed up by mountains of “nothing”  and guess what ??  I kinda loved being caught in that snail paced world, for it was there that I found trust

and hope

and wishes

and courage

and daydreams

and simpleness, sincerity, ponders and wanders


Here’s a bit of advice from someone who’s learned an incredible life lesson.

Next time that self made, whirly, twirly vortex takes hold of your insides and you feel the need to spin, spin, spin right out of control ??

Slow yourself down,


& refocus that focus on what’s truly important.

My Friend