On May 26, 2020 I wrote …

Trying, I Am

which was 71 or so days into this force called Covid-19. Looking at these sentences now seems somewhat surreal. Masks were the big talking point. Recommended was the word.

Yesterday, as I approached my very favorite hair salon/happy place, the sign on their door read Masks Optional For Those Who Are Vaccinated and I thought YaY. I’ve been ! FULLY ! since mid-April and I’ve been waiting to see those smiling faces since Corona changed the way we interact !! so YaY Optional, let’s doooooo.

& as I’m drinking my coffee and pondering things this brand new a.m. …


is kinda sorta stuck in my brain.

My choice. Your choice. I decide for me. You decide for you. I have my reasons to wear or not. You have your reason to wear or not. So, um, no biggie, right ? You do you. I’ll do me. And delightfully peaceful we shall be.

On May 26, 2020 I wrote …

Courtesy and common sense are what I’m applying to all situations.

& yep. I’m still trying.

I’m hoping you are too.