Trying, I Am

Trying, I Am

Recommended is what they suggest

& privy to more information than I (Back On Track) I assume those who know these things, know best.

But, truth be told ? I avoid covering up on my Wicker Walks.

Outside, socially distanced, I simply choose no. And it’s not vanity or a political statement or rebellion of any sort, it’s just me in my most happiest of places deciding nope, not here.

Some do, most don’t and attached to every jaunt I’ve ever taken in this park are people so pleasant, so kind. But every once in awhile, I stumble upon a someone who hands me the look, the hmmm, why aren’t YOU ???

I go to the grocery store every other week or so, I’ve donated blood and picked up a few carry-outs. That’s pretty much the extent of my outings for 71 days now and during each of those times, I’ve donned my mask.

Shopping, which I have never, ever loved to do has become a very surreal experience, for mixed among the fresh produce and canned goods are those who do and those who do not. Head down and hurry, hurry, hurry up, I find myself grabbing !! whatever !!  just to exit that building asap. And that’s exactly why I wear, there. I’m in, I’m closer. I’m with fifty or so other humans trying to maintain our space. Funny though, how that very same curious look often follows me inside too, this time with it’s hmmm, WHY the mask ???

Courtesy and common sense are what I’m applying to all situations.

I don’t when I backyard, distant visit with my 88-year-old father. We haven’t hugged since the beginning of March and as much as I  want, I absolutely refuse to enter my childhood home, daring not to take that chance.

I’ll go for a long overdue hairdo on June 4th and plan to follow every, single one of those guidelines and rules.

I’m not ready for restaurants. I avoid big gatherings.

I’ll wear.

I won’t.

I do.

I don’t

& unsure in these uncharted waters (Covid-19),  I’ll continue to be

but trying, I really, truly  am.

Above The Rain