1st Dose – received.


2nd Dose – next Thursday.


But it’s the middle of April, the 15th to be exact, where my focus is laser-beamed set. That’s the day Husband and I will be fully vaccinated !

&  say hello to my new, favorite word …

! ! FULLY ! !

The relief attached to those simple syllables fills me with happy ! Happy !  HAPPY !! so delighted, I am, sometime in the not too soon, but not that far off future, I will be hosting a FULLY party where friends and family will FINALLY, officially and SAFELY gather, where BIG HUGS will be shared and tales of our keeping it tight, Covid-19 experiences will be told, where a gigantic poster board and an orange sharpie will be used to write lessons learned and words of hope.


Bright and shiny, refreshed and invigorated with her consistent, never EVER ending promise of always. And it’s YOU, Carriers of Hope, I appreciate more than words can say. The thousand upon thousands of YOU who did your part, who kept us going, who held us high and didn’t quit. Because of YOU and your pure, quiet confident determination, we are here.


Hope. Is. Here.

& ! ! fully ! ! I will be very soon.

! ! 🙂 ! !


Above The Rain







4 Replies to “! FULLY !”

  1. Our family bubble date for FULLY is April 25th – we, too, are looking forward to this 🙂 Thanks for the uplifting words – keeps me on track with hope in my heart and a smile on my face!