Outside My Window

Outside My Window

A woodpecker. A tree. A delightful dance of  tap, tap, tap.

A burst of ! PINK ! from a rosebush that’s lived on this patch of land before I lived on this patch of land.

A quiet visitor as I glance up from writing.

& a heart-shaped cloud.

Four simpleness-es.  Gifted to little ‘ol  me, on an average, going about my biz, yesterday. Four teeny, tiny, spectacular moments to enjoy from my postage stamp slice of this world

& I think …

Hills and prairies.
Sunshine, moon shadows and stars, stars, stars !!
!! Trees !! and bushes and green, green grass.
Corn fields, deserts, mountains and oceans.
Train tracks and dirt roads.
Critters and insects and the happy sing-song of birds.
People and genuineness.
The BEAUTY of this land, this LIFE is absolutely EVERYWHERE !!
& allllll I have to do is NOTICE.

looky here !
looky here !

& how we the people of this absolutely fantastic nation are not dancing in the streets with gleeeeeee !! every single moment of every single day is mind-boggling, beyond me.

We are blessed, my peeps.
So very, VERY blessed !

When will we realize ?
and acknowledge ?
and thank ?
& treasure ! ! ? !

Today ?
How’s about today ?

Look out YOUR window. Open YOUR eyeballs. !! Notice !!

& try.
Just try.

I promise ! A domino effect of amazing awaits !

It’s here.
It’s now.
It’s everywhere.

It’s today

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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