You’re Such A Halton

You’re Such A Halton

Mom’s words, not mine.

She would lovingly, but exasperatingly !! mumble those syllables each and every time I’d cling to my stubborn ways and refuse to do or go or say whatever she had hoped I would do or go or say
& each and every time, I would humph-ingly thank her for the compliment, smugly waltz away and always, ALWAYS think, uhhhh, ok, But what the heck does THAT mean ??

You’re such a Halton.

Oh, Life.
As with everything, the older I get, the clearer I see.

Yes, I am a Halton
& I am a Mola too, Mom.

I’m a little bit of you and Dad and the many, many wonderful souls called Great and Grand and Aunt and Uncle and Sister and Brother and Cousin.
I am generation after generation.
I am strong and determined and mindful and respectful and humph-ingly stubborn.
I am everything I am because of you and you and youyouyouyouyou !!
Your lives brought me to my Here, my Now.
Your stories placed me upon this path
& I am so incredibly grateful and forever proud.

I’m such a Halton + + + + + + + + + and to that, Mom and I say,



♥ thanks, Dad ♥

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