June 24th

June 24th

It was Monday, June 24th and he was acting odd, staring at me, pausing with his responses. There’s no other word to describe it, he was loopy

& so began my words, exclamations and answers to doctors as they tried to diagnose what was ailing the man I call Husband. And on the first visit to our local hospital, an infection was the culprit that triggered the low sodium which domino effected his body and mind to act in this unusual way.

Five days later and only six little hours after he was happily released, paramedics rushed him right back for his second visit to that hospital with left side lifeless, stroke-like symptoms

Yep. That was 1:30 on a Saturday morning, I’d relay to all who would listen as they puzzled over what in the world could be happening but, by Saturday evening ? Husband was talking, teasing, eating and acting like himself

& WOW !!  we applauded


Home again on the 4th of July, we were told to begin outpatient rehab in one week, with labs and all that necessary kind of stuff to follow.


That was a Thursday, I would patiently exasperate as I  explained how he woke up eight nights later violently dry heaving and confused. Ambulance called, we’re baaaaack, with heart issues becoming the concern of the day during Hospital Stay #3

but on July 16th,  I whispered, he got a fever and as a very kind nurse nodded in agreement, I asked if she could remind the doctors that Husband’s ordeal began with an infection on June 24th and maybe ?? these hospital visits were related ??


In came the disease expert, iv antibiotics and a turnaround to better. As a precaution and a double-check though, an echo of his heart would be taken before they sent him off on his merry way. Remember, his heart valve was replaced in 2016, they worried, we need to be sure the infection didn’t spread

A vegetation on his heart, a centimeter or so in size, that may or may not be flicking it’s poison into other part’s of your husband’s body. You need to get him to a city hospital where they can handle these types of matters, asap, like NOW

and with opened arms and amazing minds, we were welcomed into the city hospital, as if we were family and blessed that these compassionate souls entered our lives at that precise minute, is an understatement.

Heart valve replacement surgery won’t be easy, they discussed, the infection may have infiltrated a second valve and his aortic root. The scar issue and calcium deposits from the original surgery might present a time sensitive issue, kidneys could shut down, there’s concern over another stroke, we just won’t know until we open him up.

The cards were stacked extremely high against this individual in that pre-op O.R. as his children and I stifled tears and determinedly coaxed, see you later.

Binges of favorite tv shows, catching up on correspondence, word-find puzzles, Milk Duds and walk away walks helped pass the time and when that energetic nurse bounced into the waiting room after all was said and done with his “only” one heart valve needed to be replaced declaration ?

Yeah. A breath of relief BIG hugged us all.

Husband begins rehabilitation today and although this road will be a tough one for someone who quite literally has not used his legs since the beginning of Summer, he’s healing now. He is almost there

& on the day life returns to normal around these parts, I will tell this story one more time to the person it affected most. I will ask Husband if he remembers the in and out of restless sleep conversations with those dream visitors. Does he recall telling those someones how tired he was, how we’d be ok, how he might be ready …

& I will show him the different window views of each hospital room he’s been in

and wonder if he realizes just how many people touched our world with their pure, genuine kindness.

I will inquire if he realizes, while unable to talk because of the tube in his throat and heavily sedated,

he nodded a yes to a did you receive a message ?? curious me but, no when asked if he would tell me what was said

& I will emphasize and remind him that his body tried every. possible. thing.  it could think of to shut him down and exit but his soul insisted he stay

& I will reiterate from now until forever that even and especially during our deepest darkest moments,



and wonderfulness

live and thrive and patiently wait to be acknowledged.

Stay focused, stay FOCUSED, please Jesus, help me stay focused !!  are the syllables that became my get-through-this mantra and I now know, oooooh how I now KNOW, !!  that no matter what !! Bright can, does and will always, ALWAYS win.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So









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  1. Be sure to take care of yourself as well – that’s important. Find your favorite book or Bible verse and let it comfort you. Be assured of my prayer for you and your family. If you need anything please let me know.