I’ve had dreams …

Very Ok

I’ve had questions …

I’ve Gotta Be

I’ve penned many paragraphs …

Following Love

Stay At Home

yep, when it comes to straying away from the crowd, going against the flow, counterclockwise-ism, I pride myself in  always (albeit turtle-ly) following my gut. Except this time. THIS time, I tucked the urge away, I shushed it BIG, hoping this unpopular notion would pass, ’cause seriously, WHO LEAVES SOCIAL MEDIA ??!!??

and counting …

Then, wham-o, I tested positive for Covid-19

Welcome Back, Me

and everything became crystal clear.

And nothing personal Twitter and Instagram, but I’ve got to go where my voice is leading,

because, if I’m being honest, every time I place this blog into your worlds, I complain !! robots and ads, I’m tossing my creations into a vortex of robots and ADS !! So, yeah, I’ll be stepping away from both accounts.

And what exactly does this mean for the kind souls who read my words at these particular venues ??  Easy-peasy. All your sweet little selves have to do is, remember my name.


Come directly to this site and !! poof !! nothing changes. ‘Cause it’s always been about you and me anyways. And you, me is exactly where I want to stay.

♥ 🙂 🙂 ♥

& yep, some would call this a knuckle-headed marketing move, but the way I figure, if you like my words, you’ll read, if you enjoy my stories, you’ll share.

(I thank you in advance for being such a nicey.)

Gone will be the hashtags and wonders of where do my sentences tumble once I set them free … cause I know they’ll be safe with my favorite audience ♥ YOU ♥ And somewhere down the line, stickers, pens, magnets, mugs and cool stuff will be handed out and passed around, but for now …

I’ll be catching sunrises,

enjoying simpleness, discovering good. And if you happen to need a daily dose of positivity to brighten your today-s ??

I’ll be here, I’ll be writing, so YaY

remember my name.


Oh Yes I Can