Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Waaaaaay back, when indoor shopping malls were the latest new, I’d often tag along with Mom and Dad as they’d happily Christmas shop for last minute this and that’s. But as they would be lost in their finishing up, I, forever the procrastinator, would be grudgingly beginning. And maybe ??  maybe !! this is precisely where the source of my dislike originates. Had I simply started sooner, I would not have found myself in such agitated irritation.


Anyways, there we’d be. Around and around and around we’d go. I dubbed it The Herd and oooooh, how I hated the herd. We’re cattle. I’d moan as the people in front, back and all around us would, in lockstep synchrony, enter, exit and time their every move to the coordination and rhythm of the crowd

& ugh.

Needless to say, lost in my humph, I wasn’t much company to my enthusiastic fellow shoppers and yes, I could not wait to get back home.


Fast forward to today.

Anyone ever feel the uncomfortable notion that we, as a nation, have revitalized and dare I say BECOME that doggone herd ?? Twirling and whirling and caught within a cycle of mistrust and dislike and doubt and and and UGH !! Fueled by constant and consistent BREAKING NEWS and the continual drip, drip, droning drip of those stubbornly insistent, dismal-loving voices

& seriously.

How DARE you bearers of bad tidings, with your unique platform to stand upon, choose your time on this planet to diminish and divide ?? and how DARE you think you have the power to influence my thoughts with your ugliness ?? and how DARE you use your calling to lesson ME and the time I’m allotted here on Earth ?? The gall of your selfishness is appalling and I wonder, as you gaze in that every, single day mirror, what image of you stares back ?

Hey, but, guess what ?

I have a brain

& I have a choice

& I choose to discover the good, in every action, every person, every scenario I encounter and I refuse to allow you and your oozy  poison into MY journey or my vibe.

So, YaY. I’m stepping out of the herd ! once again !  as YOU will never control my mindset

& yes, I realize I’ve said this once, twice, a million, zillion times before but you best believe I shall continue these words until the day I leave this life. Because I have a platform too. And so do they, them, he, she and US. And WE know if we TRY, just TRY a teeny bit of kindness and concern and understanding and NICE

a domino effect of wonderfulness is sure to blossom

& if I’m a devoted follower of anything or anyone, it will always, always, ALWAYS be Love.








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