Stay At Home

Stay At Home


& Yep. A FANTASTIC Labor Day weekend I most certainly had !! and I truly hope you did too. But lost in my late Summer glee was a little tradition I began a few years back where I tell you of the various job choices I’ve made, which led to where I sit today …

Lane 6

& your change is …

Job #3

That 4th Job of Mine

So, there you go, here we are and just so you know ?? My next career move just happens to be my very BEST career move. Ever.

Although I wasn’t crazy about the married to the house label and a zillion times prefer stay at home, my decision was a nooooo brain-er. Of course I would, why wouldn’t I ?? ’cause blessed, Husband and I were to be able to get by on one salary. And I speak only for myself, as I don’t want to step on the toes of those Mamas and Daddy-s who can’t or choose not, but proud and LOUD I sooooo am of this particular calling.

I’ve heard it said it takes a certain type of personality to hunker with the offspring each and every single day, that this is technically not a “job”, that I was somehow a step below those who entered the out and about work force … blahblahblahblahblah … and I’ll admit, at times, it wasn’t easy. But the majority of the moments spent with my children and those I babysat along the way was absolutely PRICELESS and in a heartbeat, I’d do again. Because there is no view that compares to a child’s view … and their lessons are immeasurable.

Listen to those chirping birds.
Watch that bug crawl around on the ground.
Smell the flowers.
Stop in your tracks and smile because your heart is so full you just don’t know what else to do with all that exuberance
& shh, shhhh, shhhhhhhh.

& hmmm. I suppose if you ask my kids, they might paint an entirely different picture …

Mean Mama

Bad Girl Chair

but hey, we all made it through just fine.

Thanks to children, I see life in a whole new light and am convinced those little people carry every answer we grownups will ever need.
Be open. Be loving. Be carefree.
& it’s because of those pure souls, I call myself a writer today.

Ahhhhh. Writer.

Hey, next Labor Day, remind me to tell you alllllll about my second BEST career move. Ever.






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