Welcome Back, Me

Welcome Back, Me

Penned on the day fully vaccinated Husband and I received our second booster,

Hey There, Covid

my plan was to never write about this virus again. Ever. But, as with most life lessons, this one was placed upon my path when I least expected. And wow. Just WoW.

For those who pay attention to this little corner of the world, you might notice, my words kinda, sorta stopped on Tuesday, September 13th, and although I wasn’t 100% certain until the next day, positive, the test strip declared. So. How do I tell my tale without sounding preachy or whiny or or or …?


I guess I’ll begin with notes scribbled along the way …


or the ones I placed into my phone, documenting this most bizarre experience …

A magnet to my couch, a heaviness beyond description, exhaustion like I’ve never felt before. And why I didn’t call or go to the doctor to find relief with Paxlovid ?? I simply could or cared not to move, so uncompromisingly rooted, I was. Then came the body aches where it hurt to even think. Making my sloth-like way to the bathroom is still a HOW ?? WHEN ?? mystery as a zombie, I became. And the dreams !! oooooh, the DREAMS. I saw Mom twice. First on a bus, with Dad, Big Bro and Sister-In-Law and where we were headed ?? I’m not quite sure, but there my mama was, clear as day. The second time she visited, I received a hold on tight hug, and as she pulled away from my grasp, I was privy to each and every hairdo that woman ever styled. And colors ? colors ! colors ! colors !! oh the gorgeousness, the rainbow of colors !! as my life experiences, regrets and all, paraded by, not in a demeaning, I told you so way, but with clarity and enlightenment, like ok, THAT’s why this happened. Somewhere down the line, Day 3 or 4 maybe ?? A gentle, comfortable orb surrounded me as my brain’s busyness quieted and in that orb I rested, until the storm passed, the fog lifted, until I felt like me again …

I realize, there are a zillion opinions about Covid-19 and the many experiences with it’s energy will vary, but from my humbled perspective ?? Vigilant, I’ll continue, thankful, to Science, I’ll remain,

and yep, as soon as I’m able, Booster 3 will enter my willing arm, ’cause I can’t even begin to imagine where this road would have led without. And if those who know me found my zest for following CDC guidelines annoying before ?? uh-huh. Because I find it completely baffling that after dodging and darting and running and hiding, trying to avoid Covid for darn near 3 years now, it found and had it’s way with me, regardless. And although my view is extremely eye-opening, in this feeling better, 20-20 hindsight, I’d never wish this experience upon another human being and I never, ever want to encounter it again. And if these honest paragraphs help one on the fence person, a tiny accomplishment, I’ve made

& yep, Covid-19.  It looks like I might have lots more to say about you after all.

Welcome Back, Me.


And When