Finding Normal

Finding Normal

For us, it’s been 2 years out of the loop, the ordinary, the comings, goings and daily doings of life. (June 24th)

And truth be told ??

2020 with it’s quarantines and wear a mask and social distancing and wash you hands andandand … was an easy-peasy breeeeeeeeze compared to 2019’s question mark of Husband’s 74 days in the hospital, physical therapy and everything else attached to his determined road to better

& now that we are thisclose to vaccine #2 with our ! FULLY !  date enthusiastically set for April 15th ?? well, weeeeeeee ! Welcome Home, Normal !! we’ve so missed you soooooo !!



Pardon me as I remind myself

well. er. ok. but you’re sounding rather dull there, fella. And I’m not too sure I want to go all the way into per usual. Hey, how’s about we discover a new standard instead ??

You see, I’ve replied No and Not yet and Soon and ASAP and We’ll see … soooooo many times between June 24, 2019 and today, I’ve, uhhhh, kinda sorta forgotten how to jump in and say ! yes ! YES ! and it might take me a few to find my groove … But if I’ve learn anything on this slip, slide, twisty twirly, oftentimes upside down and right side up roller coaster called Life it’s shhhh.


Quiet the noise. Focus on what really, REALLY matters. And trust.

’cause once upon a very long time ago, a very special friend told me

Yep. That slow, steady, steadfast, confident trek back is looking pretty darn doable right now. And if lunch with friends, gatherings with family, BIG HUGS, grandboy FUN, concerts in the park, quick trip vacations, just because visits, sunrises at a National Park and replying ! Yes !  YES  ! becomes our oldie, but goodie, NEW form of normal ??

We’ll take a whole bunch, please.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So


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