Chirp Cheep

Chirp Cheep

Isn’t she lovely ?

I thought so too, that’s why I took this picture
& although I was quite smitten by her beauty, it was the sound coming from within that screeeeech !! stopped me in my tracks.

It was a symphony, I tell ya, a perfectly timed and wonderfully tuned chorus of chirp chirp chirps and tweet tweet tweets.

! YaY ! I exclaimed
& although I could not see them, not even one,
trust me,
there was definitely a party going on.
A welcome home, glad to be back celebration, for sure.

Which got me to thinking about whistling.
Those little lovelies and their simple merriness brought to mind all the whistlers I have crossed paths with throughout my life.

Big Brother is one.
I am convinced he was a bird in another lifetime.
Chant-like cheeps are his second nature and I often wonder if he even realizes he is serenading.
Like the softness of a flute, music uninhibitedly escapes his lips.
This agitates the you know what out of certain someones who shall remain nameless, but I can honestly say, I don’t mind at all.
I find it pleasantly pleasing, actually

& then there’s Friend.
His is more of a peppy, jazzy, carefree sonnet

& that lady I back in the day worked beside,
or that guy I see every so often on my walking path
or the gal …
or that fella …

Hey there, Whistlers

I’ve never really noticed you and your background choir until this very moment of this very day
& seriously.
How FUN is that ??!??

You go right ahead and
chirr and chitter your way through life.

I may not always see, but rest assured, I most definitely hear
& just so you know ?

I appreciate your glee.