Hamburger Deluxe No Relish

Hamburger Deluxe No Relish


Don’t tell anyone

♥ I’m rerunning my very favorite rerun today ♥

Enjoy !


There is a family owned restaurant in my town that I absolutely adore.
Dad and I dine there often.
Quite often.
We both love the place.

The sign out front of this establishment celebrates 87 years.
Yep, it’s been around for awhile
& I suppose it’s starting to show it’s age, but Dad and I don’t notice, don’t care.

An oldies playlist provides the background music in this lovely eatery.
Every long forgotten song imaginable can be heard
& I swear, I’ve never experienced a repeat.
The booths, the look of the restaurant can easily be described as cozy
& the feel is comfortably small town warm.

Dad and I never look at the menu.
We gave that up a long time ago.
He knows what he likes
& I most certainly know what I like.
Dad gets the Hamburger Deluxe no onions.
& I get the Hamburger Deluxe no relish.
We prefer the Deluxe Plate because it comes with fries and sherbet.

And coffee.
Two Coffees, black.

I’ll never change that order of mine
& I’m almost certain Dad will never stray either.
There is absolutely no reason to wander.
We have tasted perfection
& perfection is where we intend to stay.

When Father’s Day rolls around every year it’s guaranteed someone in the family will get Dad a gift certificate to this wonderfully charming diner.
You heard me right.
Gift Certificate.


& I love that I am usually the person that reaps the benefits of said certificate.

I could travel the world and come back again and I know this awesome grill would still be my favorite of them all.
It is most definitely my Happy Place
& I’m pretty positive it’s because of the person sitting across that table from me.

Thanks, Dad.


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