It began April, 2014 with

Wicker Walk Man

and has moved along on it’s happy little route ever since.

Bright Orange


πŸ™‚ Good Morning πŸ™‚

Yep. I dub people. I do it all the time, especially those I see as I’m walking my beloved trail.
Even if we’ve meet-ed and greeted somewhere down the line and I know their ‘real’ name, my brain always reverts to the original.
Like, Basketball Guy or Tough Cookie To Crack or Tall, White Sox Fan or Cubs Hat or Sister Sisters or …
and it occurred to me yesterday, that maybe, just maybe, those souls who return a pleasantry each day, have titled me too.


& I’m thinking, what would I christen me if I were them ???
let’s see …
Sunglasses ?? ‘cause I’m never without
or Hoodie Gal ?? because I love them so
orΒ I Wonder What She’s Listening To ?? ‘cause Barry always adds a pep to my step
or Bears Bucket Hat ??Β  yeah, I’m rockin’ a new one …


Truth be told ??
I’m hoping it’s Smile
or Hi
or Mornin’
or Brighten A Day
or something as wonderfully simple as that, cause I’m trying my best, my friends, as you steppers and joggers and riders and sharers of glee are too

& YaY

Have I mentioned how much I adore my Wicker Walk ??


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