Very Important Person

Very Important Person

YeP, I whispered to me, as I smiled at the happy person inside that t-shirt.

Yes, we are.
Every single one of us
& what a delightful statement to declare, btw.

& wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC if we treated each other as such … ?
if we loved another as much as we love that actor on the screen ?
if we gifted the homeless with as much respect as a sport phenom ?
if we universally accepted the weird kid in school with the same glee as the one-of-a-kind rocker  ?
& we admired each other as we admire the latest viral inspired, trend ?

!! Hey !! We are all special. We are all unique. We are all beautiful.
We are all AMAZING !!

It’s true.

& YaY.
I think we need a new t-shirt.

! 🙂 !