No offense, Wikipedia,

but, um, er, your explanation is a bit too complicated for my brainwaves this a.m.
You see, I’ve been thinking about cousin for 11 days now, ever since Grandson 1 and 2 were informed they have a new one.

Baby Boy

Cousin, the word,
Cousin, the vibe,
Cousin, the memories …
memories of growing up with mine,
memories of my children, with theirs
& now, a new batch, blooming, blossoming, ready to experience the priceless joy of cousin.

To alllllll my cousins, near and far, I offer BIG HUGS, high-five love and a ton of appreciation.
Knowing you’re out there, knowing we’re connected, KNOWING we can pick it up and carry on, without pause, each and every time we’re together.
What a bond we be.

True-blue, beautifully uncomplicated, cousin.