April 12th

April 12th

Oh, April 12th. Here we are, again. Not only will you gift memories of Gramma, who left this life 33 years ago, but there’s Mom too, I sigh.

♥ Mom ♥

& it’s not that I mind reminiscing. It’s just these particular throwbacks cut a little deeper and hurt a little harder. And ugh, April 12th. ugh.
I’ve written about you and your zig-zag of feelings

The Day Before

Now and Forever


& truth be told ?? I’m standing on the the brink of just diving in and letting those emotions take control. Yep. I could easily park myself Under My Sidewalk for a few …
Nothing wrong with that !! I debate, a good cleansing works wonders for the soul !! and it’s true. I know, it’s true.

But there she smiles


in my mind and somewhere in my dreams. Always happy, incredibly loving, so warm and comforting and perfect. Reminding me, where she is, she is good
& my heart seriously melts with glee.

So today, April 12th,  I’ll be thinking of Mom. A lot. I’ll be hearing her laughter as I remember how she cracked herself up with those silly, lame-o jokes. How she would hand out big hugs and feed our bellies with red soup or spaghetti or cookie bars and how she always answered the phone with hello? oh, hi honey !  How she absolutely ADORED Christmas and Easter and 4th of July and family vacations and everyone coming over for a swim. Sharing a Goebel or a huggie as we rocked back and forth on the backyard swing. Corn cob contests. Engelbert albums. How those grand-kids meant the world to her and a sleepover at her house meant the pull-out couch and ice cream sundaes with chocolate syrup and a maraschino cherry or two on top.

‘Cause she loved us,  ooooooh, how she loved us.
And ooooh, how she never stopped.
And oooooh, how she continues to shine with her subtle and not so subtle signs and whispers and nudges.

So, YaY April 12th !!

Celebrate with her and for her and because of her, I will.
I soooooo will.

! ! ♥ ! !


2 Replies to “April 12th”

  1. Thank you Jackie She did have quite a sense of humor. And she thought she was funny. Hard to believe she left us so quickly that night. We do know she is happy with the Mola’s and Kowalski’s