Written in 2015, this one’s for you, Mom, on your sixteenth year with Jesus …

My mother LOVED Engelbert Humperdinck.
His albums were forever on our family stereo, his voice, the background music to my growing up years
& although I like almost every Engelbert song ever recorded, my personal favorite has always been

Quando Quando Quando.

This song brings back wonderful memories of dancing, singing and even drying the dishes.
Seems there was always plenty of laughter and fun when Engelbert was around

& so, it is no surprise, Mr Humperdinck is among the many artists on my walking tunes playlist
& just so you know, ’cause this is important to my story, I always shuffle up my songs.
I like the not knowing what’s coming up next.
It’s such a mystery.

As I was walked my walk last Saturday evening, I approached a familiar curve in the road
& as I made this slight turn, a critter came scurrying past.
I’m not sure what this dark black, mousy looking creature was, but as long as he wasn’t a spider or snake, we were cool.
This little fella was in a hurry though
& our paths crossed at exactly the same moment.
When I spotted him, I did this fancy little jig to avoid stepping on the tiny dude, ’cause I would never forgive myself  if I squooshed nature.
Thankfully, he safely went his way and I went mine
& as I moved along thinking, Well that was weird, Engelbert Humperdinck sang Quando.

I love that song.

Sunday rolled around
& I walked my evening walk, yet again.
As I approached the very same curve in the road where I saw Mr Scurry Black Critter, I saw a deer.
There she statue stood, looking at me as if she expected me to be there.
I kept walking closer and closer and she kept calmly gazing at me.
Sudden voices and laughter from the other side of the curve frightened her though, and she took off for the safety of the trees
& as I moved along thinking, Well that was weird, Engelbert Humperdinck sang Quando.

I can go months, MONTHS without hearing Quando on my shuffled playlist
& now I heard it two days in a row
AND I’m having these lovely, odd encounters with nature.

Helloooooo Signs ! ! !

So Monday is next.
But there was no trail walking on Monday.
I decided the grass needed to be cut and on grass cutting day I get more than enough steps on my step tally.

step. step.

So there I was sitting on my porch chair, putting on my grass cutting shoes when I noticed the clouds, all fluffy and pretty and wonderful
& as I looked straight up to catch that awesome view, I saw a perfectly formed, heart shaped cloud shining down upon me.


I grabbed my phone, took a pic,

put my music in my ears and ….. and ….
It wasn’t Engelbert.
It was Elvis, singing Burning Love
& THAT was one of my mama’s favorite Elvis songs.

Hi Ma ! ! !
! I love you too !

I’m telling you they are everywhere.
Everywhere !

Pay attention.
Open up.
If given the chance to be seen, they will most definitely be seen.

& YaY
I can’t wait to see what my Tuesday brings.

! ! ! ! !


Dancing With Jesus