And When

And When

A few whiles ago, I wrote …


and within those words I explained how my next poem, which was still hidden somewhere in the swirly, twirly-ness of my brain, would be titled And When.

& those who follow my rambles know every time I create a newbie, be it a children’s story or rhyme, I place a written copy into an envelope and take it to the post office …

because receiving mail from meeeeee = HAPPINESS

Here’s my latest.

! Enjoy !

And when I’m placed into this life

A promise I will keep

To love another as myself

To try, to hope, to seek


And when the noise gets much too loud

A quiet place, I’ll find

To open up my heart with love

Awaken to my blind


And when I see as you see me

And you as I instead

A gentle trust will fill my heart

Sweet joyfulness, I’ll spread


And when I take the time to know

Why you were placed here too

I’ll figure out, I’ll find a way

And treasure you, I do


And when I breathe my very last

Inspired by this quest

True legacy, I’ll leave behind

I was, but just a guest





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