Hey, Today

Hey, Today

12:11 a.m.

& I’m certain it was THE LOUDEST thunder-lightning combo I have ever experienced.

After a serious, heart pounding moment of  !! EEK !!  a pause as the power went silent and a ! poof  ! just like that ! 12:12 a.m. arrived and all fell back to normal

& WoW, Nature.


Nothing like persistent rain to coax me back to sleep and come 2:30 a.m. those chiming, chirpy birds were singing their tunes, per usual.

I grab some coffee at 4:30-ish, open a few windows to let the fresh, noooooo humidity air inside, listen to those early, lovely sounds, watch a few critters hop, scamper and wander through my backyard and ahhhhh.

A glance at Twitter brings me

A step outside offers

& hey, Today. I see your smile.


Thanks for the reminder.

Above The Rain