Well hmmmm, I wonder, as I halfheartedly try to summon up some new words.


A glance at National Day Calendar informs

where I think ! HEY ! National Heimlich Maneuver Day

♥ Thanks, M ♥

! HEY ! National Go Barefoot Day


! HEY ! National Say Something Nice Day

Say Nice

and National Penpal Day


I’ve already written. So I glance at yesterday’s

to remind my brain I went a different route this Memorial Day by offering  Without instead of my treasured memory of Robert & ! HEY !  National Smile Day, how did you slip by without a mention … 🙂 … ?


& as I mosey into another beautiful 24, I think, hmmmm, maybe I’ll just rerun an oldie but goodie,

Each and Every

go for a nice, long walk

Walking Back

and come back super refreshed with fantastic sentences tomorrow for it seems this gem of a holiday, spent with family and friends and hugs and fully vaccinated joy has left me a bit speechless.


Simple Things