Reminder To Cherish

Reminder To Cherish

Somewhere within this day, especially if I stay awake alllllll the way to midnight !! I will hear

Auld Lang Syne


& if I counted just how many times I’ve swayed and warbled and turned into a mushy-mushy pile of hope and promise and OH YES I CAN determination as this melody danced through the room, uh-huh. we’d be here a while … ’cause ooooooh !! the memories … !!

But it wasn’t until Grandson sang

because Elementary School Music Teacher taught his class this tune, where I really, REALLY took notice. And even though I’ve understood the vibe throughout my many years, I never paid all that much attention to the honest to goodness, true meaning behind the words

& so …


!! WAM !!

As if those gentle syllables were written especially for meeeeeeee REMINDER. TO. CHERISH. has been stuck in my brain from that instant on. And wouldn’t you know, a few short seconds later, I stumbled upon


As we step out of the old and into the new, I’m humbled by your continuous, simple lessons, Universe, and I promise, I will do my very best to share your wonderfulness.

BIG HUGS, a whole lotta happy and a zillion thanks for a FANTASTIC 365, my friends

! ! ! ! !

& hey, Grandson ??

🙂  Keep singing  🙂

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