Happy New

Happy New

Here I sit on Day 2 of this newbie called 2022
& hmmm.

After the busyness
and fully vaccinated gatherings
and well wishes
and cookies
and go
and do
and every little everything that attaches itself to the holidays,
you feel any different ?

I can tell you one thing,
I’m kinda sorta, flat out exhausted.
It’s as if knowing I could hit those brakes and stop, just STOP ! has turned this body of mine into a dawdling sloth.
It’s true.
Slow and steady never felt so good

& my sympathies to those who must leave their coziness and make that trek back into the work force tomorrow.
I’m sorry.
I truly am
& seriously.
Don’t you wish you could have another day or three just to catch up on all the sleep you’ve missed ?

Oh, Energy.
Where have you gone ?

& this.
This eh and argh and ugh.
This waaaa and zzzzzzz and I really don’t wanna !!
THIS is where I must dig down deep and remember the NEW.
Happy New.

Happy New Year.
Happy New Day.
Happy !! New !! Each !! and Every !! Wonderful !! Moment !! I am gifted on this incredible journey of Life !!

I know.
You probably want to knock me silly right about now
& no worries.
I get it.
I understand.
I’m just trying to add a little motivation,
a bit of inspiration,
a pinch of enthusiasm,
a … a … a …

awwww geez.
Who am I kidding ?
My invigorating words and I shall return tomorrow
I need coffee.


Oh Yes I Can

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