Tell. Me. Again.

Tell. Me. Again.

& here, after allllllll these years, I thought my biggest pet peeve was discovering a typo after I hit publish.


Typo peeve, you’ve been bumped.
uh huh
Meet, Tell Me.
She’s lived quietly and very laid back in my soul for many a year, but as of a few days ago … ?
She’s here.

Ooooooh, she’s here.

Tell Me it’s not possible
& I will make it my life’s quest to show just how possible not possible can be.

Tell Me I can’t
& you better believe how very much I can.

Tell Me it’s ugly
& I will find every single bitty bit of beautiful and place it on your doorstep.

Tell Me I’m weak
& you best be prepared for my strong.

Tell Me each and every one of your infinite negatives
& I will always, ALWAYS find positives.

Yes, go ahead and tell me, it won’t
or it’s not
or it’ll never
or why bother
or or or
& you will be amazed at the awesome power of don’t.

You’ve awakened a sleeping giant, Tell Me
& I’m begging you,
Tell Me again.


Above The Rain


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