One of Husband’s favorite go-to sayings is

telegraph, telephone, teleHALTON …

because somewhere in this L O N G road we’ve traveled, he came up with a super crazy notion that Sibs and I find it absolutely impossible to keep a secret

& hmmm.


? ? ? ? ?

Now, I’ll admit I’ve been known to drop an occasional you didn’t heard this from me BUT … ! BUT when it comes to heavy duty BIG TIME confidential-s ?? I promise you, my lips are sealed. And I doooooo mean, SEALED.

uh-huh. (insert Husband, with his per usual snicker) UH-HUH.

telegraph, telephone, …

At this point I will toss him a serious ! humph ! and wander away, ’cause I’m right,  he’s wrong and that is THAT.


So why am I sharing such insignificant, scandalous, family whispers today ?? Because every now and again and just because I receive wonderful words of support …


& I’m thinking,


! ! ! ! !

Let them know how you feel !! because this gig is a whole lotta self-imposed solitude

& it’s soooooo nice to know someone, somewhere is out there listening, caring, paying attention.


Yep, Husband, I must admit, you might be onto something here …

telegraph … telephone … teleWRITER !!

as for teleHALTON though ?!?!!?

I’ll never tell.


Oh Yes I Can




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