Summer’s Song

Summer’s Song

I’m still trying to decipher exactly where my mind was as I stepped out that door without, but yes, it’s true !! I left these guys sitting on the counter yesterday

and did not realize until, until … oops. Too late.

So. There I walked with a strange, surreal emptiness hovering. No tunes ?? I ALWAYS have tunes !! HOW IN THE WORLD COULD YOU FORGET THEM ?? I cried to me.


Courageously, I trudged along with  Oh well. It is what it is. quietly calming my inner peace

shhh. it’s ok ….

But it wasn’t until I crossed paths with an older than me fella singing I can’t get no … ! when I snapped out of my blue to !! notice !! & hey there, Minstrel !!  I delighted !! I think I’ll pay attention.

I’m telling you, it was as if the universe cranked up the volume on the summer beat, ’cause one by one by one, I heard them allllllll.

! ! ! ! !

After a not so long while, I grabbed my phone to start jotting down notes, that’s how fast and wonderfully these subtle background hums were making themselves known. I knew pretty quick, I was going to write about this awesome experience, but there were way too many for my brain cells to even try to remember.

! ! ! ! !

The wind’s rustle through trees, runners’ steps, crickets, birds, locusts, the beep beep backing up of a truck, vehicles on a not so faraway highway, car doors closing, crunching of shoes upon early fallen leaves, geese honking, loud and clear hello-s !! good morning !! how ya doin ?? !! on you left alert from bikers with their swisssssh of tires, construction workers’ moves and chatter, LOUD TALKERS and soft giggles, golf clubs clobbering golf balls, airplane up above, zooooom of a happy dude on a go-cart thingie, pitter-patter of dog paws, crying of a baby, laughter of children, water flowing, park employees doing their Tuesday biz, tap tap of my feet on pavement …

& my oh my oooooh my !! a message was most definitely received.

I can’t promise I’ll make a habit of leaving my music behind, Summer, but it sure is nice to know !! you’re there !! and enthusiastically singing toooooo.



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