Hello ♥ You

Hello ♥ You

& don’t mind me, as I’m probably just thinking a bit too much, but I’m carrying a feeling around, for weeks now, and I need to bring it out, let it loose and see where it tumbles.

First off, I need to apologize for my absence in our friendship. Somewhere down the line, between personal biz and Covid, I stepped away and I haven’t yet returned. Why ? No. Clue. ’cause what you and I share is pretty darn amazing ♥ and I treasure you and how you’ve gifted my life ♥

But I also feel a pull away from you too and if I’ve said words that may have hurt or made things awkward between us, I’m sorry. I’ve spent my whole, entire life holding most emotions in and I guess I’ve just reached an age where I feel I must be truer to myself, so if I’m tipping a tad selfish and this is definitely a different vibe ?? I am. It is. And I seriously mean no harm.

I do miss you, though. The lunches, the phones calls, the texts, the emails, the randomness of our beings pals in the first place. Life placed us on the same path for a long, lovely while and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. And as we drift through this pause, I’m hoping, one day, to return to where we were.

But right now ?? please don’t take offense as I stay in this under my sidewalk !! me !! cove. Truth be told, it’s comfortable and I like. And as the old saying goes, it’s ME, not YOU.

I’ll be back.

You’ll be back.

We’ll be back.

It’s what we do. It’s who we are and it’s why I love us  sooooooo very much.





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