Smiling :) Jesus

Smiling :) Jesus

He’s been hanging in the corner of their basement for so many years, I had forgotten He was even there.

♥ there ♥

protecting. watching.


And as sibs and I gathered a few whiles back, I placed an enthusiastic !! DIBS !! upon Him ’cause weeeee !! He’s so happy !!

Dad, being generous Dad, told me I could take Him to my house that very day. And as I reached to do, something stopped me in my tracks as no, I think He’s fine right here exited my lips. He’s not ready, I’m not ready. Smiling Jesus belongs and will cozily stay exactly where He is until the day we are both ready.

Which got me to thinking about all the Jesus-es I have in my life.

hmmm, let’s see, there’s my traveling Jesus

my stuffie Jesus

my magnet Jesus

my dancing Jesus

my #1 Jesus

YaY. I have others, but you get the point. And I know you’ve heard me say this time after time after time again …

He Is

but I must repeat once more …

♥ ♥ ♥

Yep. Jesus is a nicey.

He is not judge-y , jealous, divisive or hateful.
He is never arrogant or self righteous.
Negative ?
Fake-y ?
Ugly ?
Not ever.

My Jesus is kind, concerned and caring.
He’s loving, loyal, and accepting.
He forgives.
He understands.
He builds.

& doubt ?
What’s doubt ?
There is no such thing with my friend, Jesus.

& when someone believes in Him
I mean really, REALLY believes in Jesus
That someone will be just like Him, in everything they do, everything they say.
Because being like Jesus is automatic, genuine, natural.

It’s simple.
It’s beautiful
It’s so incredibly easy.

♥ ♥ ♥

yep, He’s the absolute best

My Friend

& !! oooooooh !! how I LOVE when He smiles.


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