Celebrate ! :) !

Celebrate ! :) !

Every a.m. before I begin this writing process, I check out the delightful happenings occurring within these 24 hours via National Day Calendar. And every day I am greeted by …

& YaY, I happily whisper, YaY.

I then find my way to Twitter. And if you were paying close attention yesterday (♥enjoy♥) you know I’m trying my best to step away from the force called Social Media. But truth be told ??  it’s a tad difficult, given the fact I share my daily rambles on social mediaurgh. So what I do instead is dash through and purposely ignore negativity and search for beauty

and hope,


and pleasantness

Because what I seek, I always, ALWAYS find

And like the fine peeps at National Day Calendar,

I’m here to remind.





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