Very :) VERY

Very :) VERY

Yesterday had the makings of  bad day.
I woke up with the grrrrrs bubbling inside
& instead of snapping out of it, I allowed them to brew
and stew
and brew-stew, stew-brew

& grrrrr.

I made my way to my coffee with the LEAVE. ME. ALONE. sign securely attached.
Don’t talk.
Don’t wonder.
Don’t question.
Just shhhh.


But as he’s been known to do when I am in a cheerless mood, Husband dared to go there.
Why are YOU so crabby ?!?  he boldly but, oh so foolishly, inquired.


As the morning progressed, my annoyances slowly, s l o w l y evaporated.
A text, a phone call, a funny little funny and happiness quietly replaced my grumps.
Life was good again.

What’s my point ?!? you ponder

& you

& you over there too.

You have no idea how close I came to taking my bad mood out on poor, defenseless, HEY !! what did I do ??? YOU.

Oooooo, I wanted to complain.
I wanted to grumble.
I wanted to cast my dismal out into your world and spill allllll my feel sorry for me beans right smack dab on your lap.
I wanted every single one of you to feel my waaa waaa waaa woes.
Here a crab.
There a crab.
Everywhere a crabby crab.

I sooooo wanted to share that gloom.
But, I didn’t
& boy, am I glad I didn’t.
Boy, are YOU glad I didn’t.


Because after all was said and done, yesterday was a perfectly delightful day
& this is what I’d rather offer.

There’s enough mucky, yucky carriers of dark in this world.
I promise, not me.
Not here.
Not ever.
Only bright,


and positive

allowed in this place.

For. Always.
For. Sure.

Now do me a favor and

pass it on and on and on

Have yourself a very, VERY wonderful today.



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