& I Care

& I Care

Niece, Big Sis, Nephew, Dad, Husband, Sis-in-Law, Older Bro, Younger Bro, Younger Sis, Friends, Cousin, Aunties, Uncles. … and yep, it seems I’m knowing a whole bunch of someones who’ve received a dose of vaccine. And I can only vouch for myself, but relief most definitely filled my insides when that shot entered my arm. Relief for me, relief for my family, relief for all the individuals I mask up and socially distance see along the way ’cause I want normal back BAD, real bad. I want hugs and drop-bys, I want lunch dates and music in the park, I want to close up talk, to laugh, to cheer, to gossip. I want sleepovers, fire pits, wine nights and mornings on the veranda … I sooooooo selfishly want MY life back to what it was one year ago !!

But as I sit here thinking about the wonderfulness that awaits, my heart aches for those who lives were turned upside down and inside out by this beast called Covid. And I cry. I flippin’ cry.

Mom left this life 14 years ago, come April 13th and the hole is still there, it ain’t ever going away. And although I’ve learned to live with her absence and I KNOW where she is

she’s good, there are days when I crumble, I B R E A K because I miss her so, soooooo much. She is my forever someone and sometimes … oh, sometimes …

As we begin to open up, as we find our norm again, I need to acknowledge how very difficult this is and will continue to be for the 526,000+ families who will never, ever, ever be the same. My heart knows their burden, my soul feels their pain. And in my quiet, ordinary corner, in this simple, little house, I hope. I pray and I care.

They. Matter.


I. Care.










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