But Then Again …

But Then Again …

Rejects, I’ve had a few …


I know it’s a corny paraphrase, but as I was sorting through a box that’s lived under my desk for er, yeah, waaaaaay too many years, My Way was singing right along with me

& yep

there are a few

& why in the world I would save this treasure chest of bruised ego moments is kinda beyond me, but here they remind, loud and clear.

Most were run of the mill, standard forms of …

where I’d pause and think, at least they called me Author


But a pile of ten or so, I found paper-clipped together and these gems, I’ve dubbed my ♥ Dear Jacki ♥ replies

where someone took the time to nudge

to suggest

to breathe new life into this I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing soul

& thankful, I’ll forever be, cause continue, I did.

Somewhere down the line, with encouragement from those who believed in my words more than I believed in my words, I self-published.






And here I be, 20+ years later, with a cornucopia of lovely poems, a rambling blog and a Twitter profile that declares what I feel I’ve become

yep, happy.

So what’s my point, you patiently ponder ??

Keep going. Keep doing. Listen to your Oh Yes I Can voice and BIG HUG those who see what you can’t, who know what you don’t, who push, push !! push !! you to carry on when you are positively positive you have reached THE END  … for they have been placed on your path for a reason. And sure, you might become rich and famous and viral and all that busy, busy stuff… !! or better yet, you’ll find the pure, precious, priceless-ness in discovering YOU

& yep, rejects, I’ve had a few

but then again …