Feels like the perfect day for a rerun.



Thank You.

I try to make these my very first syllables each morning.

Staring at that early a.m. sky with my favorite stars twinkling way up high in the distance, I tell the universe how much I appreciate another chance

& as I remind myself of this unique gift, delivered, yet again, I ask, what can I do ? what can I say ? to make a difference, to brighten surroundings, to change a course and do my part.

And I realize Iā€™m just a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty speck in this gigantic energy called Life, but I will try my best and do my darnedest to make every crossed path pleasant because it is the very least I can do for the awesome opportunity of today.

& I promise to help in any little which way I can, as I once more whisper, THANKS.


With You For You And You

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