I Looked Up

I Looked Up

from my laptop … and …

are the words and picture I texted the sister who gifted me this happy Jesus. She replied with a Ha Ha and life carried on.

He’s been hunkered in this spot for over 2 years now, and most of the time I notice only when gravity slides him into a slouch, where I smile, remember the joy of when he entered my orbit and prop his cute, little self up to where he was before.

We’ve become robotic, almost,

slide smile prop

slide smile prop

And maybe it was my yesterday, late afternoon mood ? Those Chicago Bears had lost their final game of the season and even though I promise myself every ! single ! year ! don’t take it to heart !! I took it to heart.


Or maybe it was the cloudiness outside ?? the no trail walking because Winter’s doing it’s thing inside ??


Melancholy had indeed entered my vibe and to say I needed those teeny eyeballs and that tiny grin at that precise moment in time is truly an understatement. Lighter, my heart became.

& yeah, yeah, I know it’s just a stuffie toy and I realize I often make a bigger deal out of signs and messages and dreams and the world beyond this world … and … But I looked up !! and what I was seeking was quietly, unassumingly there, right THERE.


Cheers to our most awesome universe offering an equally simple, instant alignment to YOU too.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So



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